People Flatty Knows

Ah here……Even I’m familiar with Jimmy Murphy’s life and times.

You probably assumed he was wan of the Green or Grey Murphys…You’re some chancer :wink::+1:

…his sister’s godfather- a saintly man posessed of an aura of goodness who, on his deathbed, pleaded with his goddaughter to cultivate an appreciation of whiskey

Lodgy. He minds Tom Curry’s dog.

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Tom Curry was abused racially by a Saffer last night

Some Indian slur? Bindu the Hindu?

Rugby is gone to the dogs.

England getting bate says otherwise

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Lodgy got me in major trouble before by inadvertently answering his phone if you remember.

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Someone as far in the know at Manchester United as you can possibly be about it.



He genuinely has a very top source in there. I can’t see anymore

I’ve just been talking to a pal who’s going to quote for some tiling.
“Guess where I am now”
“No idea”
“Kyle walkers swimming pool”
“No ya daft bugger, tiling it because 'es moving”
“Where’s he moving?”
“Dunno probly sumwhere bigger” and then “'es getting the pool done up because 'es selling, not sure what the rush is, it’s not like 'e needs a fookin bridging loan”

Sounds great in broad manc.


Colombia aside, it’s all security with these guys now.

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Lots are moving into the flats in town, or live in like minded Uber high end enclaves in hale or a small bit of Wilmslow. There’s fcuk all to do in prestbury anyway. I’d not like to live there.

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The United kitman during the Fergie years.

A lady who owns Port Vale.

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Don’t know them.
Met them is all. I didn’t even know who they were.

Gareth Southgate


People from all across that region around Borneo who said that south Korea is the best place to go and visit, that it’s absolutely mighty.