People Kev knows

Often it can be an informative experience when discussing sports with Kev because he has many “insider” contacts that illuminate his knowledge on many topics.

Thought it might be useful to make a list here so we can keep track of the areas where Kev has the inside track.

  1. A family who support West Ham
  2. A mate who works for Liverpool
  3. Some guys from Tipp who drove around drunk in a car once.

Great thread Rock.

An insider in Laois hurling

  1. Mr Snrub

The Rock is rattled :lol:

You fucking child rocko, get a life.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Alan Bennett

wrong Puke, know of him, don’t know him.

I like the way Snrub thinks.

Gemma Hayes

A bloke from Cork that comes from a farming background, is Big Four trained, moans a lot but is sound, and is identical to me apparently.



The pub that my girlfriends family run

As if you have a girlfriend

Leon McSweeney.

Cork people on the Internet


And since when is a pub a person?

I could have phrased it better

It seems the Runt went for a bit of dutch courage himself incase Mac came on here again throwing hit weight around after a Hugh Heinz.

Whats hit weight? Rather than attack the Runt tonight I’m more likely to appear randomly in Clonmel during the week to kick the shit out of the little fucker.

Who? Isn’t he one of the Queens servants? From Queenstown?