People who are punching above their weight

Devin Toner

He’s hardly punching above his height.

I’d say she’s a fucking headcase.


You’d care not

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You know what they say, mad in the head, etc.

He’d have it well worn out after 5 years so she can’t be too bad.

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Rushie picked her up from an offside position. She was married to a publican in cork who had paid rushie to come and do a presentation in his boozer :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Good enough for the cunt

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Carol Anthony is a former conquest of @caoimhaoin

As is Gemma Hayes.

According to @caoimhaoin

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Mike Garcia by the sound of it.

He is a great loss to the forum . Caoimhin I mean , not Rush or the Cark vintner .

I know it’s fiction but never got this couple


She is unreal.

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Fair play to adam

There is only a three year age difference between them which is another thing I learned today.

She’s purty