People who change their names

I recently had to get in touch with a second cousin of mine. He has been over in Australia for the last 5 years or so and I hadn’t seen him in quite some time. Anyway this lads name was always Joseph, everyone I knew called him that, his parents, brothers, sisters , other cousins and some of the friends of his I encountered always called him that.

After conversing with him via email he is now actively referring to himself as “Joe”, even signing off his emails with it. I find it hard to delve into the pysche of this kind of person, did they just suddenly wake up one morning and say “from this day on my name will be Joe”? What possible difference could it make to their everyday life. I’d like to get opinions on this matter please.

This is a very difficult subject for me.

My father added an ‘e’ to the end of our surname by deed poll when he was a young man.

He thought it looked and read better. Purely for cosmetic reasons. He didn’t have any male siblings so we don’t have cousins that spell it differently. But my late grandfather’s grave would have the original spelling etc.

I went through a phase of signing things and having the ‘e’ at the end in brackets like this ‘…(e)’.

It affects me. Rocko has been supportive though.

Would TASE and Flano come into this catagory?

Mrs. Locke was getting her passport renewed and asked me if it was okay for her to have her name Mrs. Mary Locke-Shefflin instead of Mrs. Mary Locke. I told her to go and get fucked!

It makes me want to Puke.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Christopher Reeve certainly got his comeuppance when he became Chris.

There is so much wrong with this I just don’t know where to start, I presume your grandfather is in said grave because of your fathers decision? and if he was in it prior to the change I would say he is still spinning in it.

Christ, that’s the classic sign of the souptaker, adding an ‘e’ to gaelicise his name after the British withdrawal. Spelling it as Mr Brown like they do in England was all very well when the likes of ye were out making tea for the British army during the Tan War but when ye were left behind after withdrawal it didn’t look so hot and ye had to get with the programm(e). Cunts like you should be burnt out. No offence though mate.

Would a fella who used to be known as Jamie but now has himself called Jaime (due to Spanish influence apparently) qualify here?

I presume this is a joke, that cunt should be shot.

Jesus, steady on. No need for the hostility directed towards me(e) mate.

Why would he change Smyth to Smythe anyway, the hun cunt…

That’s the sort of shit souptaking kunts do Mullach Ide.

At least we know why Bandag(e) is a Fayth(e) Harriers supporter

Some flawed logic there, surely. That’s the way the name was originally. External events had no bearing on what it was at the beginning. Apologise, now.

Your knowledge of the Browne surname and the Tribes of Galway in general is quite poor. The olde Englishe name of the family in Ireland was Browne as spelt by Elizabeth adventurers in despatches. However as they over time became (altogether now) “more Irish than the Irish themselves” they assimilated into their locality. In England the surname had smartened up its appearance and the silent ‘e’ was removed. Most Irish Brownes didn’t give a damn for English ways and English laws and left the ‘e’ at the end. However upstart minor gentry and shoneen aspiring ascendancy like your forebearers obviously removed the ‘e’ at some point to become more British and throw off their pre Cromwellian past. The way was then left for your shoneen father to come back into the fold and reattach the ‘e’, as some sort of attempt to fall in with the vast majority of the gaels of this country. Pathetic turncoat-style contemptable behaviour and a shocking admission.

That’s all well and good, mate, but Browne or Brown doesn’t apply in my case. Does the same rule of thumb apply for all names that have a dual spelling like these two or is it only specific to Brown/Browne?

As I thought, you’re shamefully denying you’re a Brown(e) at all and instead going to put forward the preposterous postulation that your name is Armitage? That makes your old man’s minor moment of souptaking duplicity seem trivial in comparison.

I became friends with a Bulgarian girl when I lived in New Zealand. Her family had emigrated over there. She had a typically Bulgarian name. Stoyanova. She decided to change her name recently. Her reasoning was that people kept associating her with Russian female tennis players. Seemed retarded to me.

We’ve since lost contact.

The footballer was always known as Stilian Petrov for his many years at Celtic. Then he joined Aston Villa and announced in the signing press conference that his name was actually ‘Stiliyan’ and he wanted to go by that.