People with things in common

Ken Doherty and Padraig Harrington - Two players who work hard but don’t have near the talent of their competitors. Both renowned bottlers and both strike me as being very boring individuals with annoying voices
Ciaran Whelan and Stevie Gerrard - Can flatter to deceive a little. Are thought of as being their teams key players but in effect they struggle to lead by example. Go for spectacular too often when simple idea is on
Gerrardno1 and Farmerinthecity - Paranoid individuals who struggle to take criticism of any sort. Former struggles in the big games with the pressure on and from what I know of the astro team the latter does as well
Flano and Enda Kenny - Little or nothing to contribute
Darren Clarke and Aiden McGeady - Very naturally talented individuals whose Irishness has been called into dispute by silly people

Doherty won a World Championship, the highest acolade in snooker. He also appeared in two finals and lost narrowly in both. Harrington hasn’t won anything of note

Stevie Gerrard lead Liverpool to a Champions League victory, the highest acolade in club football. Ciaran Whelan hasn’t won anything of note

I don’t know gerrardno1. But if anyone is obsessed with something on the forum then its piedpiper with his constantly references to the EPL in almost every thread

Have to say I have more respect for Flano’s views than for yours

Agreed on the last one

Doherty famously missed a very simple black to complete a 147. Has never had a 147 in tournament play. Both aren’t as talented as competitors imo.
Whelan won a Leinster tiitle did he not? Both flatter to decieve imo.
You seem to bring up EPL arguments when its completely irrelevant farmer. Perhaps I was a bit harsh on gerrardno1.

He won a World Championship - who cares about the 147?

Gerrard won the highest acolode with his club. He lead them to it. Whelan has never won the All Ireland which is the highest acolade he can win. In fact he has never even come close

I find it crazy that you saying that I am the guy that brings up the EPL when it clearly is you. You were clearly inferring it with your initial post. Forget it anyway - you’re an idiot

Em no I wasn’t it was a general point. You brought up EPL in the Champions League thread, the thread about the Commonwealth etc. Fool.

You brought up the EPL in the Commonwealth thread saying that we are effectively part of the Commonwealth with our EPL supporters. You also accused Bandage and Rock of going ‘easy’ on the EPL supporters on the thread whatever that means. You call the Premiership the ‘EPL’, you call me a ‘supporter’ of the EPL…

You’re fucking obsessed. I keep addressing it because I want to show you up

The EPL point was a small part of my post on English influence on Ireland. I did not say we are effectively part of the Commonwealth with our EPL supporters. In fact you choose to highlight the small part of my post on the EPL when nobody else had. I have already stated why I call it the EPL. Are you not a supporter of the EPL? Perhaps I should call you a supporter of a club in the EPL. Yet again you brought up EPL in this thread when it had no relevance. It is actually amusing at this stage.

Ken Doherty did win a World Championships but he has certainly bottled it when he’s had great chances to win other important matches/achievements/events.

Farmer - you were adamant that the European Cup means less than the EPL on numerous threads in the past. Why change your mind now and refer to the Champions League as “the highest accolade.”

That’s a belter of a post. Made me chuckle out loud. Stand by for an exalt piper.

Piedpiper, Im gonna cut you from ear to ear when i see you >:o :smoke:

thepied and raven - both have ridiculously silly idealistic views and both twist stories to support these views
thepied and Steven Hunt - both have a lot of heart and are direct. no talent though.
thepied and a windmill - when thepied kicks a ball.
thepied and person with MS - poor coordination

farmer & bandage - both simple muldoons struggling to settle in a big city
Farmer & thatcher - both have an inflated position of Britains role in the world & have a distrust of Johnny foreigner.

fingal raven and fingal hoop - (to rob a phrase :o) both have ridiculously silly idealistic views and both twist stories to support these views

Flano & Pat Rabbite - they both insist on themselves

You’ll be getting a chelsea smile too :-X

see there you go insisting upon yourself again

“Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession… Do that which is assigned to you, and you cannot hope too much or dare too much.”

Andy Reid and Pat Rabitte - Both individuals are overweight. Their abilities are also overhyped by elements in the media. Their talents are talked up due mainly to the inability of many around them making them appear better then they actually are.

John O’Shea and Tim Henman - They are both crap at what they do. Tiger Time appeared passionate in fairness so it could be a little harsh on him to draw comparisons with Ireland’s poorest player