People you know getting plastic surgery

One of the senior managers at work was back this week after a long Xmas break. She’s in her late 40’s, thinks the sun shines out of her arse and is generally despised by everyone. For some unknown reason, she also seems to be of the opinion that she’s hot, which she most definitely isn’t.

Here’s the thing though - she marches up to me the other morning to berate me about some shit that was nothing to do with me, and I’m wondering why she looks so strange. Trying to be nice I ask her if she got a new hairdo. Well fuck me, I have rarely seen someone get so fucking defensive “What are you implying” and all this shit.

Later, one of the girls (one of the attractive ones that is) tells me I’m a tool and did I not realise? She’s had a complete facelift. Botox, all wrinkles gone, skin lighter, the turkey like feature under her chin has disappeared as well.

Its very disconcerting. How do I have a serious conversation with her now? Cos I have a fair bit to do with her in work. I’m avoiding her like the plague at the moment, but have a meeting with her on Friday. Have to find some strategy - do I just look at her tits?

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No problem. Just look at her eyebrows - if she still has them. Removes the tension from eye contact and the other person can’t tell the difference. This is my gift to you fitzy, it’s a lifesaver.

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I knew you’d come through for me WTB - she still has the eyebrows, but they don’t move anymore, so that should aid my concentration.

It should annoy the shit out of her as well, as I’m blind in one eye and when I stare straight ahead I look cross eyed!

I knew your Boss would be 40 something woman

even said so to a member here who wondered why you had the knife out for me. I’d forward you the PM but 'tis gone

Maybe he’ll confirm

Lets play some poker the next time your home Fitz.

Outstanding avater there Fityz

So you are an ugly cow in her 40’s that everyone despises MGG? Makes sense. My boss is actually a 29 year bloke who loves himself, but is actually very funny with it.

Anyone see the state of the weekend

It’s only prosthetics.

He can’t feel his face


I thought her publicist had asked for privacy at this time?

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Oh Linda

I believe the woman on the left is Jennifer Zamparelli, although it sure as shit doesnt look like her

The Mrs was saying it’s all Botox and filler

Was the one on the right in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Ok besides being a woman has the Mrs any expertise in this area?

She does not