Pet Relocation

Anyone any experience of this lads? Have to move my two dogs from Singapore to Ireland Feb next year. Just wondering if anyone has done this before and has any general feedback/advice as to do’s and don’ts.

And yes, I’m aware this is going to cost 5k euros plus. Can’t be avoided as we are moving to government housing and they won’t allow mixed breed adopted dogs.

5k? would you just not drown them?


Think they’re fully grown. You’d need a decent sized barrel.

Could you not just sell them to a local restaurant?


you’d want you head examined to spend 5k moving a few dogs

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give me 3k and ill arrange for them to be moved to a farm


I’ll do it for 300

the farm ill send them to has a meadow and a waterfall mate

that doesnt come cheap

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Money for old rope?

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Thanks lads.

Now anyone that isn’t this idiot’s multi able to answer me?

Have you considered having the dogs put down, in lieu of relocating them?

@caoimhaoin is your man here.

Are you getting a fucking Council house you cunt?

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These guys did a great job for pals of mine going over your way from here a couple of years ago. Delivered the madra direct to the apartment

This :point_up:

Imagine the trauma they’ll go through on the journey home. Days on end in a small box, little or no food and cunts poking them with sticks for the fun of it. They’ll be fit to top themselves when they end up in Middleton

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And then they’ll realise they’re in Midleton and follow through with the act.

You’re a bad fucker by the way @Turenne, abandoning the dogs at the drop of a hat for some government handout

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Are you sending the dogs back to Ireland while you stay?

Yeah we are going with them.

Mine died due to not getting correct vacines in australia, but it seems to have been an irish oversight.

Be careful and get it re done by a vet here in ireland asap.

Its upsetting still ffs.

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