PGA Championship 2022 - Southern Hills CC, Tulsa, OK

Opening birdie from Tiger.

Leaders on -2

John Daly two under.

McIlcunt joint leader :man_facepalming:

Rory driving unreal. Be great to see him win.

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4 birdies in a row for Rory.

A win would lift the spirits of the island in these fraud protocol/potential hard border times

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Oh I would love the absolute seethe a win of his would create.

It’s not under weight anyhow.

Nice variation to his usual opening round routine. He’s out in very clement weather according to Greg Allen.

Lovely putt from 15 feet.

Rory moves to 5 under.

8 feet to move to 6 under

Tiger like Dinny Byrne walking around already. Doesn’t bode well.

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I was going to post that an hour ago. He gone even more laborious than @Fagan_ODowd here now.

“God bless the mark” as my mother would say.


Must be 30 years since I heard it. My parents had very stoic views on things - a lads house could be burned to shit and my mother would bless herself and comment that at least the cows were out and saved….let bad luck go with it and all that stuff… What shop can you spend those plenitudes in?


Closes with a birdie from 20 feet.

Since Mcilcunt finished his round, those Sky cunts have shown highlights of Mcilcunts round and are now interviewing Mcilcunt

Show some live golf you cunts

ESPN+ lads FFS.

Looking good for McIlroy.