anyone getting that way today

Can’t say I am. Was on the lash all day Thursday and Friday and I’ve to head back up to Dublin at some stage ahead of an early flight to Glasgow tomorrow for the Celtic game.

Bought myself a multipack of Beamish just there. Haven’t had a sniff of drink in a couple of weeks.

Despite asking a few people about pints tonight (all refused by the way) I have decided to take a break from this drink malarchy for a while anyway. Bottle of wine in the apartment but couldn’t be arsed drinking it.

Didn’t get the call Farmer.

had an exam friday on the beer since…threw a surprise 21st friday night for a mate followed up with an all day binge yeasterday…by god the intestines are fucked…im like a human mr whippy machine here at the minute…have to study for a law exam tomorrow and my melt is wrecked…

That’s right Rocko. And your point is?

The fat frogs were flowing all weekend it has to be said.

My first weekend without drinking since the start of February. And I’m celebrating tonight by having a few bottles and watching The Sunday Game / Match of the Day.

Anyone getting pissed tonight?

No, I have influenza.

I pissed myself last night


Pervert of society!

I had a few cans of Bavaria and I finished the night in The Ginger Man, post fresher week blues.