Planning applications

I’m sorry.

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Is every square inch of Japan covered in knotweed I wonder. We should ask them about it.


@flattythehurdler what you need to do before you lay a block is the following.

Get a batch of hazel sticks and put them firmly into the ground where each corner of the house will be. Leave them a few days then come back.

If the sticks are still standing you are good to go. If some have fallen over you are most likely blocking a fairy path. In that case you’ll need to change the positioning of the house on the site.


Jesus, have a lie down for yourself.


And I only trying to help the lad.

A known smart alec such as @flattythehurdler is always likely to rush into something like this with a divil-may-care attitude and, as sure as the gander loves the goose, he’ll fall into every hole on the well worn path.

I just hope he’s left with an eye to see some bit out of and a hand to wipe his own arse.

Carry on Flatty.

Can fuck up everything afaik.
I don’t think there’s any there.
I’ll be having absolutely nothing to do with the construction of this at all. I strictly conveyed that if there’s a problem, just to do what he thinks is best. I’ve had @gman and an engineer on it. The sparky is a best friend of my bro. The plumber is one of my very best pals. They said they’d keep an eye on it.
The builder is well recommended.
“He does a lot of doctors houses” seems to somehow be the platinum seal of approval in Galway :person_shrugging:
I won’t be about to plant the hazel rods and in any case I’m not exactly sure where exactly the house is going (only roughly).
I’ll say a prayer to the alderley edge faeries and hopefully they’ll put in a word.
That’s an unpleasant thought.
I’ve already been told the land is haunted


Jesus Christ

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Wasn’t there some old tale about some bigshot from abroad landing into a rural Irish community and purchasing a site to the consternation of the locals? How did that one ever wind up in the end?


I’m flabbergasted.

I think he ended up being killed and dumped in a lake and the herd was driven out over a cliff killing the farmers son.


A Dr Seuss classic

They found out he used bot farms for traffic to his website