Play off Final

Fucked if I could find a thread on this yet.

20 mins to go, Burnley one up. Some atmosphere at it.

Game could still go either way to be honest, Burnley have missed a stone cold chance to put it to bed only for a great tackle from the United RB.

Kevin Blackwell is seething!

Like what i’ve seen of Burnley, seem like an old school club. Like Owen Coyle as well. Hope they go up, we’ve had SU before and they play muck.

steven caldwell back in the premiership…forget about it…

Kevin Blackwell falls at the final hurdle…again

Kevin Blackwell gave a very emotional interview on SkySports after the game,he got ratty with the questioner at one stage accusing him of looking for conroversial qoutes before saying no comment,the poor cunt was nearly crying,hes resigning id say.

That’s the Limerick breeding breaking out in him

[X5C4PEFIyW4[/media]eature=player_embedded"]CLassic play offs]([media=youtube)