Players Who Had It But Mysteriously Lost It

I’ll begin:

Allesandro Del Piero, Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Jose Antonio Reyes, Jean-Alain Boumsong, Ronaldo (football).

David “Doc” O’Connor (hurling).

Ian Baker-Finch (golf).

Martina Hingis (tennis).

With respect Bandage, Boumsong never had it to lose it! And Owen in fairness has been riddled with injuries, plus he hasn’t been aided by the chaff is forced to play with at Newcastle.

Add to that list:


Barry Foley (Limerick)
Ray Cosgrove (Dublin)

Chris Jericho

[quote=“Bandage”]I’ll begin:

Allesandro Del Piero, Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Jose Antonio Reyes, Jean-Alain Boumsong, Ronaldo (football).

David “Doc” O’Connor (hurling).

Ian Baker-Finch (golf).

Martina Hingis (tennis).[/quote]

True dunph - some of them are sceptical enough alright. I was just trying to think of cases in point but I struggled then when I came to post it. Kluivert is the definition of the thread alright. I suppose someone like Doc O’Connor never had it in truth.

Is Doc no longer on the Wexford team / panel? Didn’t Meyler transform him into a makeshift centre-forward last year? He was a fine U21 imho.

Denilson- An absolute legend that turned to shit
Gazza-Still got something, sadly it’s some sort of parrot obsession

Philip Walton-Once he tasted the heights of a play off with Woosnam for the Irish Open it could only go one way really.

He was a mad one alright. He was playing Ryder Cup one year and the next he could barely break 90. Now to be found failing to obtain his tour card every single winter at qualifying school while making a show of himself.

Walton and Kluivert are cracking shouts, particularly Kluivert.

You get the odd lad like Collymore or someone who looks like they’ll be brilliant but never really delivers on it. Kluivert on the other hand was world class but Christ he became shite.

Lee Sharpe was another.

Freddy Adu is another example of someone hyped up to the hilt as a kid but it’s hard to tell whether he actually had it or not to begin with.

Eric Bristow. Bloody dartitiis

Mike Tyson

One of the all time great shouts must be Bobby Fischer. Genius to paranoid nutjob

Stevie Wonder -Musical genius from an early age. It’s all turned to shit now though.

I’m on fire with this thread

Samantha Mumba had it all.

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The Carter Twins.

jermaine pennant
keiron dyer
lee bowyer
steve mcmanaman
thierry henry
mark kennedy
terry cooke

david duval
lee westwood

gordon darcy
paul o connell
johnny o connor

eamon dunphy
george hook

heath ledger

adriano. He’s now on loan to some south american team i think!

Marco Negri (Football)
Gerrardno1 (Football)

Paulo Sousa. Was part of that awesome Portugese midfield three with Figo and Rui Costa. I always thought he was the best of the three during his time at Juventus. Then he went to Dortmund - did alright there and won a European Cup. Then went to Panatanikos in Greece and was never heard of again.

Jardel - banged them in at Porto. Then went to Galatassary and then Bolton and suddenly went shite

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Sousa is an interesting one. 2 Champions League at two different clubs isn’t easily achieved. Think he got badly injured at Dortmund, not sure though.

The golfer David Duval is a cracking shout. Was he world number 1 before Woods? Possibly, but maybe not. Anyway, he was definitely world number 2 around Y2K and was Woods’ main challenger. He also won The British Open around that time but has barely been heard of since. I recall reading about him hooking up with a way older bird (mid/late 40s) who had teenage children and stuff and he lives with her and her family in some really quiet, barren area in the US. He’s somewhat of a recluse.