Playing games on your mobile while on the bog

Sign in here. Tales of high scores, solutions to leg numbness and excuses for involuntary yelps when you make a mistake are welcome here.

Currently playing Teeter, high score of 12 minutes

Ah yeah. I spent 30 minutes playing a bowling game while taking a scuttery dump earlier. Fantastic.

I play Brick Breaker on BB. Wouldn’t be in there for 30 minutes though!!!

I play a fishing game on the iPhone while sitting on the throne. An awful lot of brown trouts around.

Texas Hold Em on the Blackberry - only problem is when you get on a roll and keep playing for about half an hour

Angry Birds on the iPhone… 15 minutes every morning, very theraputic.

Usually wont leave till I have cleared the next level.

The new Fifa on the iPhone is decent.

Madden is a bit easy.
QB sneak, QB sneak, QB sneak, TD

Angry Birds is ridiculously addictive.

Great thread.

The original Sony Ericssons had a belter of a tennis game. Incredibly the girl player was always better than the boy player. They either got rid of i with the phone or else made it downloadable after that.


I used to play a golf game on one of the old Nokia phones. I just browse the net these days though - I usually look at sites that are blocked by work filters when I’m taking a dump in the office bogs.

Any good online games to play? I played Battleship for an hour yesterday.

Angry birds, angry birds, angry birds…

Give me a link to it there Burbundy…

Been playing NFL Pro 2012 lately in the mornings. Would usually only get through the first quarter though.

Brickbreaker, up to level 20 now.

Angry birds seasons, Level 4 of the new Christmas levels took me fucking ages to get through. Shiiiiiiit.

Not necessarily one for the bog but I’ve been playing Word with Friends lately. That kind of thing has massive potential IMHO opinion (to quote Bandage’s favorite tweeter of late).

I see Alec Baldwin was kick off a flight for playing it this morning.

Is this on Android TRE? Searched for it but couldn’t find it. What’s the exact name of it?

What’s the deal with them changing the privacy settings to read your phone and contacts?

I have it on the iphone. Thats the exact name of it.

For any horse racing fans, HRW Jumps is an excellent way to pass 20 mins on the bog.

You sure that’s the right spelling R2E?