A teacher from Cork, living in Limerick who keeps a secret family locked in the attic.


Does this fella have a tackies fetish by any chance?


PE teacher and rugby star in Sydney was tapping one of his students, moved her into the house and the wife went missing, hasn’t been seen in 36 years, left two kids.


Might give it a go


It’s quite good, I’ve only listened to serial before this one so haven’t much to compare it to


Listened to the first three episodes of this. Decent but I feel like most of the information has already been told and they really drag it out. Is there much new information brought throughout the series or is it just going over it in more detail?


I’d keep going, think I’m only on 6 but they are progressing, you’ll get to hear from the daughters for example,
By episode 3 I’d ssy the public hadn’t began engaging much yet, it went out as a weekly show so the interest was growing week by week in NSW and more people are coming forward,
But like I said I’m not that much further on,
I only listened to Serial before so I’ve little to compare it with,

Question, is it straightforward to unsubscribe from audible if you just want to hear West Cork?


Murder mystery podcasts sound boring as fuck…


I’m only on my second but they’re s grand way to pass the time, I’m running at least an hour most days during the summer and there’s only so much music I can listen to


Have you ever thought about killing someone to have a podcast made about it?


No, but I often run by tne River very early in the morning and think I’ll find a body and appear in one



I kept it on though and am really enjoying audiobooks on my daily commute I must say


You’ve never thought about it? About how you’d get away with it?


I guess not, there’s have to be somebody you’d want to kill I suppose,
I do often think how dumb some killers are alright, like yer man Dwyer


It would have to be killing someone random for the sake of killing… Having a reason to kill someone will fuck you from the off.


There is a podcast series called Casefile. Some great true crime ones in it. Including one about Graham Dwyer from last few months


I listened to that after reading about it here, I never paid attention to that case but he was a stupid killer.

Go for it @Robert_Emmet


I have done.


Regular runners or jump boots?


Chasing after potential victims.