Anyone recommend any Podcasts for me? Currently subscribed to the following:

  • Guardian Unlimited - fantastic podcast, market leader by far
  • The Game - don’t really like it, find it hard to listen to that Yank talking about soccer ball
  • 5 Live Football Daily - filler for me really, listen to it when I’m stuck
  • 606 Football Phone-in - same as 5 Live Football Daily
  • Footballl with John Giles on Off the Ball - doesn’t get uploaded quick enough so I find that some of the stories are stale by the time I get to them
  • The Sunday Business Show - part of my CPD

Doing alot more driving lately and I need some more Podcasts, am I missing any decent ones?

the gift grub one of today fm is brilliant there is a few morning ireland ones aswell but that isnt the most exciting

Russell Brand, better than you’d think, and some good guests.

Best one though is football daily from the Guardian alright.

conversations with eamon dunphy…go to the rte website and search the archives for his radio show…some great interviews from a broad range from Robert Fisk to Graeme Souness to Ted Walsh…

Great shout. Loved his bit with Meaney.

Few others.

Jonathan Ross - Can be shite, can be decent, worth popping in and out of it though as he gets some alright guests at times.

Murphs Country Pages - Very short, but some very funny stuff from the local medial of the Country.

Ray D’Arcy Show - D’Arcy gets on my tits, but he has some good podcasts up there, especially the recent interview with Ferrell and C Reilly.

RT Drivetime Sport - Some good pieces there from time to time.

Will Leahy Show - Can be an annoying hoor, but some decent guests. Dip in and out as you see fit.

Off The Ball Football Show - I like it.

Lost Podcast - If you’re a lost fan they have some good bits there of interviews and questions with the Producers.

The Off The Ball website has some great bits there to download also. http://www.newstalk.ie/newstalk/off-the-ball/downloads.html

Anyone got any Podcast recommendations? Havent seen a good new one in a long long time.

The Guardian has a 6 Nations Podcast available on iTunes for anyone interested in that sort of thing. Off The Balls Saturday Panel is also quite good, as is Off The Ball’s rugby Wednesday night is available on Podcast as well.

Since they’ve gotten into GAA commentary Newstalk are doing podcasts of their analysis stuff, well worth a look. Also The Examiner have weekly podcasts, early days yet though and the quality is questionable. They had Enda McEvoy on the first one, someone I enjoy reading, but this was my first time to hear him speak. Eh, a bit of an eye opener…

Ever feel like you are talking to your self?

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Nah, theres plenty of podcast fans on here CM who are happy to take direction.

Only listening to one podcast at the moment and that’s the Sunday Business Show from todayfm as I like to stay abreast of business affairs at home.

As is tradition at this stage, I had to stop listening to The Guardian’s Football Weekly in March. It always becomes difficult to listen to as Arsenal’s season disintegrates. I’ll probably have to stop listening after the third week of August this year.

Not strictly a podcast but I like to use the listen back feature on my todayfm iPhone app to listen to the last word. It’s a very nice feature.

For any history fans, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is very good - http://www.dancarlin.com//disp.php?page=hharchive

His account of the MĂĽnster Rebellion during the reformation is particularly fascinating.

I’d second that about Dan Carlin. Long but superb and really accessible. Great series on the fall of the Roman Republic and Ghengis Khan too.

Been listening to 5 Live’s World Football Phone-In a lot recently. Tim Vickery can be a bit omnipresent on the airwaves but is always excellent.

Yeah they’re both brilliant. The fall of the Roman Republic is an amazing story. I must listen to that one again some time. He has a great ability to provide analysis of an episode and spin a fantastic yarn at the same time. Some of the events he describes in the Mongols series are spine chilling.

Common Sense podcast from Carlin in the Crimean situation is pretty interesting. Critiques the whole idea of NATO, and says that ultimately it’s ridiculous to expect that Western leaders should take the risk of starting WWIII over somewhere like the Ukraine or Latvia. Is the sovereignty of Crimea worth the deaths of one billion people?

He says that if we are serious about the independence and freedom of smaller nations, the real way to address it would be to provide the likes of Latvia with a tactical nuclear weapon. Knowing that a military incursion would prompt the deaths of a million of their own people is about as significant a deterrent a small nation can offer to a great power.

Basically his point was that Putin’s actions call NATO’s bluff on article 5 protection, that when it comes down to it a nuclear war won’t be started over small nations on Russia’s border and Putin had taken advantage of that fact. However, a small country having its own independence threatened is far more likely to take drastic action, which necessarily changes the thinking of aggressive superpowers.

Anyone listening to Serial by the makers of This American Life. It’s a study about a homicide in Baltimore, examining the case and whether they have the right guy. It’s not a standard setup - proclaiming innocence. Makes you change your mind a few times throughout about whether the convicted guy is guilty or not. 7 episodes so far I think, not sure how many there will be in total. Great listening though.

Read about this a few weeks ago and downloaded it but haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet. I’ll be making a visiting to Wexford over the weekend and will listen to it on my journey down and back and revert to you with my comments.

Looking forward to your feedback. You also need to update me on how you got on with Nathan For You.

I nearly had an heart attack, I read it as a homicide in Ballinamore…

You Fucker…:pint:

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