The jump boots are on the way, should have them by this time next week but they mightn’t suit the river trails.


Next time you are in fingal we should jog


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Ken Early fair got under Gary Neville’s skin this week in the podcast special they did


Fuck yeah


Neville probably hates opinionated barstoolers


His voice is gas. He did a five part one on the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker/Golden State Killer (so many names for him) before Joseph D’Angelo was caught a couple of months ago.


Have you listened Rob the here’s how podcast mate

The one with the rte employee is very enjoyable


No, did a search and couldn’t find it?


Try www.hereshow.ie


Listened to that as well. Crazy case




Think it’s a while back


It’s a case that has always fascinated me. I’m not sure how the likes of the Zodiac was more famous, the scale of EARONS crimes was incredible.


The locals were all very lax about their security as well. How the fuck did he get away with it so long. Sick motherfucker


The story about the Italian husband and wife at a townhall meeting and the husband piping up that no real man could allow another man to rape their wife in front of him and then several months later, EARONS targeting that very couple, was chilling.


Yeah. Wasnt there another one where the husband overpowered him in the bedroom and he left him walk away?


What was it about?


Yeah, he was confronted a few times and had varying reactions. By the end (when he got the label the Originals Night Stalker in SoCal) he was just a cold blooded killer, but that seems to have been just apart of his escalated MO by then. In the early days he would shoot at some men who confronted him, but didn’t with women. For others he would just treat it as a humorous inconvenience.

When he was the Visalia Ramsacker (a series of crimes that occurred before he started his rape and killing spree) he originally just went to homes and ransacked them. He would rearrange women’s underwear and the likes but didn’t attack people. He seemed to get an urge one night and tried to kidnap a girl. The father heard it and confronted him, and in a panic he shot him dead. Another time in this period, a cop was dispatched to a house where he had been seen to be prowling a few days earlier. When confronted, EARONS took his mask off and just started screaming in a high pitch. He then shot at the cop (didn’t kill him though).

His early crimes as the VR were seemingly voyeristic crimes, when he impulsively went after girl one night, but then when he moved to Sacramento he changed to actual rape and coordinated attacks on people as well as property.

One time he went to a home with a mother and teenage daughter. The girl saw him hanging from the window outside her window and ran to her mother. He gained entry to the house while the girl and the mother tried to call the police (911 didn’t exist then). It ended up with the girl breaking free while the mother wrestled with him. He ended up running from the home, but stopped outside looked at a neighbour and just walked off (not wearing pants).

When he escalated to attacking homes with couples and not just female and/or occupied homes, he was confronted by a husband who managed to break free. He just panicked and ran away. It was probably after that why he started putting dishes on the men’s backs while he would bring women into other rooms to rape them as a warning sign.

He often wouldn’t be wearing pants and any eyewitnesses would see him prowling or riding a bike without any pants on. One time he came face to face with a stranger and he just screamed and shouted like “Oh no Bob, looks like we’ve been caught!” and walked off in the confusion.

Another time a woman was driving down the street, she came to a stop sign and looked to her left. She saw a man crawling around the side of a house wearing a ski mask. After checking for oncoming traffic, she looked to her left again and the man was standing right next to her car window and knocks on the door. While fleeing from the man in her car, she looked back and saw him hop on a bike and start pedaling quickly in her direction.

There was also the story about the 711 store. Some worker there noted this weird guy dressed all in black coming in the middle of the night and flicking through porn magazines. The 711 guy calls the cops and reports his suspicions. The cops send a guy to the store to stake out from the back. That cop wasn’t very stealthily and a few hours in the 711 gets a call in from a guy purporting to be EARONS laughing and calling them dumb fucks.

He killed a couple when confronted once in this period- that would seem to be due to the prowess of who encountered him. The guy was a FBI agent so likely appeared as a genuine threat. That’s the first time he killed a woman.

The stories about him are incredible. His attacks were meticulous and vicious, but his other behaviours outside were brazen. The fact that he was prowling at night, while holding down a job as a cop and had a wife is just amazing.