Clearly it’s very very exciting to some.

I’d rather a crime serial to focus on the investigation, the crimes themselves are all quite similar, each one doesn’t need a five minute description.
I’m heading out now in a few minutes, I’ve spent so long on it I’ll continue in the hope that it improves


This lad’s been charged with murder


I want a recommendation for the new year, for in the car and walking.

No true-life or crime stuff.

sport and/or history


Heard two girls in a shop discussing podcasts the other day, one commented
“Does it have anything about murders?”
“No interest in it so”


Peter Crouch


This can very good, depending on the guest etc


That’s the neighbourhood you live in now.


I’ve only started listening to podcasts lately but I’ve really enjoyed the 4 or 5 Blindboy podcasts I’ve listened to.

cc @Bean


Bill Burr’s Monday morning podcast


Did you start from the start?


No, I’ve listened to the 4 cognitive behaviour ones. It spoke to me in ways I never thought possible.


Was it the first time you listened to a fella with a plastic bag over his head?




Irish Times Added Times sportscast on Mondays generally entertaining enough. Gavin Cummiskey is a bit of an arse but the other contributors all good


When Gavin and Gerry are in about rugby it’s rugby cliche bingo
Dancing feet
X factor
Pitch up
Forward arm wrestle

Malachy is a fine host


They’re ok, but I got sick of them after a while. He’s going on about stuff as if he’s being profound etc, but it’s shit you’ve already heard, or already know.


I would rather stick pins in my eyes


On my daily runs I’ve been listening to Mícheál laffen podcasts on the rising and woi and a Chomsky one about the control business have in the US. Didn’t know 16m kids in the US are starving and 1 in 6 pensioners


Is the Laffan one any good? Just looked there and it seems to be fitting an awful lot into a short time, 41 mins for the WOI, 44 for the civil war