Milk , Honey and football, new one out on soundcloud, weekly roundup of israeli football is worth a listen

Any particular sports podcasts ye recommend?

Something for the commute to and from work

the ESPN 30 for 30 series did a few podcasts. some interesting ones in it.

The Trials of Dan and Dave was entertaining, the others I listened to have been so so.

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I thought the boxing one of James Scott fighting title fights whilst in prison was good.

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I’m enjoying the Quickly Kevin podcast about football in the 90’s. Its a bit laddish, but fond nostalgia nonetheless.

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link please brah

is it mainly for anglophiles?

It is I’m afraid. So far its been

Matt LeTissier
Comedian and actor Elis James on Bobby Gould
Paul Merson
Discussion on Championship Manager
Comedian Tom Craine on The Impossible Job and Graham Taylor

Its possible that it may not be for you, I’ve listened to the first two so far though and found them enjoyable nostalgia.

Test match special

Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Revisionist History’ podcast series is well worth a listen.

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It’s shit

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From the fella that’s listening to a 90s football show :joy:

Bill Burr’s Monday morning podcast is one of the best around. Worth listening to for the advertisement reads alone



The Jim Rosenthal one was very funny.Jim seems to be an alright sort.

“In our time”series of podcasts from BBC 4 is excellent. Just listened to one about the famous mathemician Gauss. Going to start on “The Gin Craze”

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the craze for gin in Britain in the mid 18th Century and the attempts to control it. With the arrival of William of Orange, it became an act of loyalty to drink Protestant, Dutch gin rather than Catholic brandy, and changes in tariffs made everyday beer less affordable. Within a short time, production increased and large sections of the population that had rarely or never drunk spirits before were consuming two pints of gin a week. As Hogarth indicated in his print ‘Beer Street and Gin Lane’ (1751) in support of the Gin Act, the damage was severe, and addiction to gin was blamed for much of the crime in cities such as London.

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Listening to a very good cold case series from Canada now called someone knows something. Really good

Is that on spotify?