He did alot of laughing there, sign of a bollox.

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Feck that’s a lot of life packed into a relatively short life so far
I never heard of him tbh
Liked that read though
Honest account

“Mark Mehigan’s Sunday Roast”
I’ll be checking that out

Podcasts to anybody my age open up the world a little bit more

Another big tournament misfortune for Second Captains own Ken Early

Good to see Wooly is not spunking all his new-found monthly cash pile on new clobber, anyway.

You dont get fashion mate. That outfit would cost you aboug 5 grand.

There’s a lot i’m not getting in society at the moment, Blue. I might have to pull my neck in a bit.

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Any lad over 25 wearing vans is a wrong ‘un.

The vans spoil that outfit, although the jeans look awful as well

He’s doing well out of the Podcast business??

Wooly would want to do some squats. Legs like Buff Egan

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Like you’d see hanging out of a nest.

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They’re awful ugly yokes, always were. Converse always had them in the visual stakes I always thought. Very bland design and look.

Wollie probably sponsored to wear them

Didn’t think would be my mug of tae but “Case63” was a good listen

Julianne Moore is great

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It was a funny story. I was chuckling away on my run earlier listening to him.

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Really enjoying it.

What happened him now?

Walked into a glass door and bashed his head. Also fell off his chair last evening at the venue covering the Dutch game.

Ken comes into his own when sent off to cover games abroad/tournanents. His contributions in studio are all too stale. His best work in my opinion was when he was sent out to Las Vegas to cover Conor McGregor. All journalists should be made cover something they detest. No need for fans with typewriters.


I’ll never get tired of Ken’s deeply literate rants.

He went on an angry rant to me about Cian O’Connor on the rooftop beer garden of the Big Chill House in King’s Cross the night Katie Taylor won her gold medal in 2012.

“We’re supposed to be happy about Cian O’Connor winning a medal? I don’t give a fuck about Cian O’Connor winning a medal! He was a fucking drugs cheat!”

He was fuming, both metaphorically and literally as he was smoking like a chimney during his rant. It was very entertaining. He monologued for about three minutes, stubbed out his fag, drank the last of his pint and stormed off like Jimmy Sloyan.


Id often see Ken and his girlfriend/wife knocking around Marino. He has very googly eyes. His missus is quite attractive in a hippiesh sort of way.

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