Police shoot Cork Cunt

Gardaí shoot armed man in Cork pub… From RTE.IE

Gardaí have shot and injured a man in a public house on the north side of Cork city.

It is understood the gardaí were called to the Mo Chuisle pub on Blarney Street after reports that a man was waving a shotgun at customers there.

Investigators from the Garda Síochana Ombudsman Commission have begun an investigation into the shooting.

Gardaí were called to a disturbance at the pub on Blarney Street just before 7pm.

Gardaí are understood to have ordered the man to drop the weapon, and he was shot once in the stomach by one of the gardaí when he failed to do so.

The shotgun is understood to have been loaded.

The man was taken to Cork University Hospital where his condition is described as serious.

The Mo Chuisle pub has been sealed off and investigators from the Garda Síochana Ombudsman Commission have begun an investigation.

The injured man is related to a 41-year old father of four, Anthony Hennessy from Farranree in Cork, who collapsed and later died after he was ejected from the Mo Chuisle pub in March, 2008.

A number of people were later cleared at the circuit criminal court on charges related to Mr Hennessy’s death.

I hope the other punters in the bar were able to get back to supping up their drinks after this lad was carted out of there.

Knowing that place thats exactly what happened.

CM, your a cunt by the way.

Cheers buddy ! :lol:

I was in this bar about 2 years ago, and shortly we left a guy got his finger chopped off over the pool table for all to see. Apparently he was messing around with some guys wife. A dodgy place to say the least.

Was cutting the finger off a symbolic thing, Kev?

I can think of one or two alright, but honestly i don’t know.

the last time a fella came into a pub in Limerick (Quilty’s) brandishing a shotgun, he got the shit kicked out him by locals and the gardai had to rescue him