Popular posters that you despise

I’ll start:



Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke…

[quote=“The Dunph, post: 693982”]

Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke…[/quote]

I was thinking the same. larryduff popular? Yeah right!


larry is a gentleman and a scholar.

Larry is sound out.

This will rebound on Bandage like a handball off his forehead, pretty rapid.

I despise Mac and his private school ways but he is more of a poster with a high post count as opposed to a popular poster

Bandage - Your feelings are not reciprocated.

Larry takes the moral high ground :clap: :clap:

Typical larry. He really is a popular poster that I despise.

Chewy Lewy really gets my goat. He is some absolute loser that was previously known as Puke but he got so scared about his previous posts as that poster that he re-joined and has since posted 8,945 times, all of which are complete drivel. FFS. :rolleyes:

Jesus christ. Right, TTK, listen fucking up. We all know Chewie used to be Puke. We all know he left the board for some multiple choice reason. We all know he has since rejoined the board. This is the 897th time you have reminded us of this. For the love of jaysus, would you find something else to talk about. I would have included you in this thread, but you’re not popular at all, now fuck off.

rebranding is the key to being a successful poster-

Sorry, remind me, who are you again?

NCC, I wouldn’t say you have re-branded (you are still king of the dutch bet) but you have re-packaged.

:clap: Though I can’t see anyone rising to the dizzy heights that you have TASE, many have tried, but no could emulate your chrysillas like transformation from utter fuckwit to mildly amusing Fingallian citizen of the world.

TTK being shown up badly here…

I don’t have to, I’m not popular.

he is a lad that works in a hardware shop in the western suberbs of sydney

cheers mate- hope the central coast is treating you well

Not really to be honest BeTimberin, it’s a fairly fucking bizarre reaction from Fitzy, similar to that of a quiet nerd turned serial killer. He has used the terms, “right”, “listen up” “897th time” and “for the love of jaysus”, I honestly think the kid has lost his marbles.