Post Ewan McKenna

Don’t come on here much anymore due to the constant trolling from lads with multiple accounts etc. Site has gone down the tubes. From looking at McKennas twitter account much of the rubbish posted on here has he’s style of writing. To me the man is deluded enough to set up multiple accounts.

Yes, he posts as @anon7035031

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Copy and pastes from here


Yes his multiple accounts include @Mac, @padjo and @Perez2017

@Ewan is TFK

He hasn’t 1% of my intellect mate, but obviously far more than yours.

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He does share your delusion however

That’s a horrible thing to say. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Hi Ewan.

There’s a lad on here who could solve this for you. Seemingly he has an app on his phone that can identify people by comparing the way they write.

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If you had a euro for every time some cunt said this site was going down the tubes youd have enough to buy all the sound posters a pint whenever the 51 does reopen.

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@Malarkey can you give us the name of this App of yours that recognises writing style immediately. Thank you.

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Christ, he’s got half of FG driven demented on twitter. He’s reeled in the veterans like Chaz Flan and the new breed like Jennifer Carroll McNeill and Barry Ward. Typing of Ward, I must update the People You Don’t Know But Suspect Are Smelly thread.


Charlie wouldn’t appreciate being referred to as Chaz bro.

He’s getting knocked about on Twitter. I’d expect deletions soon.

More detail please.

He’s pallying up with Paddy Cosgrave now. Miguel will feel left out

Screenshots please

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