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[QUOTE=“Sidney, post: 1100479, member: 183”]It’s like this.

Back when most people on this forum were growing up, rugby was there, but it was a fringe pursuit and mainly laughed at.

The game had a certain charm. You could admire the exciting running of Trevor Ringland, Hugo MacNeill and Simon Geoghegan, you could warm to the maverick, devil may care attitude of Willie Duggan, Neil Francis and even, for a time, Mick Galwey as they gallantly mullocked forward in those ridiculous boots that covered half their shins. You could laugh at the hilariously shit passing of Michael Bradley. You could listen to the dulcet tones of Fred Cogley. You could appreciate that Lansdowne Road was quite an atmospheric place, as Molly Malone echoed around before the inevitable French fightback to win comfortably.

Some of us may have watched Five Nations matches, may have mildly enjoyed them, and some of us may have even briefly played the game. It wasn’t offensive. But we quickly forgot about it because there were other and better things to do or be interested in.

Now the game consists of Carr Communications-trained corporate robots who are thrust in our face 24/7, who say nothing of interest and create even less of interest on the pitch in a game which has become a bish, bash, bosh, fall over in a heap, kick aimlessly, repeat x 1000 dirge, played by steroid-ridden, muscle bound freaks who bench press 60kg with their jaw, played in front of brainwashed corporate tossers whose favourite band is Coldplay, in silent, soulless caverns where the only atmosphere is the one created by machines which throw flames high into the air, and where the mindless mediocrities who follow the game and whose only other interests are walking aimlessly around Ikea and watching X-Factor can’t and won’t stop talking rubbish in normal people’s faces at the water cooler or in the lift about a game they’ve never played and know nothing about because it’s the cool but yet completely bland, neutral and inoffensive thing to talk about. Well it’s not fucking cool and it never will be.[/QUOTE]
Don’t see a thread to log this. Strong contender in this extremely bitter belter of a post from @Sidney :clap:

The imported americanism “water cooler” jars a little. Curates egg of a post. Parts of it are excellent.

Grandstanding. Pulled in every rugby related cliche ever mentioned on this board in an effort to curry favour. Clickbait, Sunday Indo style.

You’re better than this Sid. 3/10, with the points primarily for spelling and perseverance

His prose, in parts, is quite messy. Specifically the final paragraph.

He had clearly worked himself into a lather by then.

My repost of Harbisons tweet was infinitely better.

As was @TreatyStones prediction of the All Ireland Champions beating a crowd of chumps on their home ground.

Someone issue this @glasagusban virgin an infraction and let’s not speak of this again.

That’s what makes the post great, not anything he’s saying, it’s the building fury throughout coming off it in waves.

Not even close to @TreatyStones sculpture post.

Move over Sid.

[QUOTE=“Fitzy, post: 1100634, member: 236”]It’s not the policy of staff (staff :D) though it is quite common that incidences such as your personal information being gleaned and released to the TFK community, through various channels, will occur. I must say, the PM I received from @Horsebox about your personal habits was most disturbing though.
This will inevitably lead to 30 pages of some related thread where @thebigcheese and @TreatyStones[/USER] will deny all knowledge without being asked, while desperately trying to insinuate that they were responsible. [USER=273]@caoimhaoin[/USER] will be terribly confused, will get terribly indignant and threaten terrible violence. mbb will take up half of the 30 pages desperately trying to be involved. [USER=1]@Rocko[/USER] will eventually answer all the alerts he has received over the thread and whatever poster has been adversely affected to say that while this sort of thing is frowned upon, no action will be taken in this instance. @ilbomberdestro will try to bait Kev, succeed and then post a 10000 word treatise on something no one understands and won’t read past the first two lines anyway. [USER=183]@Sidney will write a poem. @theselfishgiant will tell someone to FOAD.
All noise really. All there to cover the malignant hidden hand controlling all of this. The machiavellian lever controlling the destiny of this board and those who sail in her. I know who he is. I know he knows that I know who he is. I should be scared. I’m like a Russian journalist, fearless, but doomed. I will name him, don’t you worry.[/QUOTE]
@Fitzy has nailed half the board

[QUOTE=“glasagusban, post: 1100637, member: 1533”]Move over Sid.

@Fitzy has nailed half the board
What a fucking try-hard

[QUOTE=“glasagusban, post: 1100637, member: 1533”] @Fitzy has nailed half the board