Post Rocko Era

News has reached me that one of the sites top brass Rocko has worsened in his condition. I’m the event of his passing what are the TFK community’s contingency plans? Would an election be held for whatever position he holds? Would a week suffice as a dignified period in which no election would be held? At what stage could an election be held in advance of his passing to determine his successor? How could I for example declare my intent to run? Would the community fall apart a la marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia after he died and break into separate warring factions? Is a strong hand needed to unite the community and could it be that this strong hand need not be democratically elected?
All the above may need to be addressed urgently. Raymond crotty tells me that what started as chronic Scutari with Rocko is now worsening - every bowel movement weakens Rockos credibility. If there is a groundswell of opinion that I need to take on the moderator role I will examine my options as bandage cannot be left to his own devices in the event of Rocko losing the battle.

The TFK bootroom will come into effect and someone like FingalRaven will step and take over

Appendage - your time is now.

In the unfortunate event of rocko’s untimely passing, I know croppy would provide the steady leadership required.

I understand rocko is fucked and im fine with that. I don’t see the point in croppy as the alternative, however. There’s no point replacing like with like. Croppy was famed for his pregame bowel movements and has left his mark pitchside all over dublin. We need a tighter regime.

I would see my role as that of a firm hand on the tiller untill such time as I felt that the situation had calmed down enough to hold free and fair elections. An interim junta if you will.
What I don’t think is in the interests of this forum is having a second lame duck moderator - with Rocko too weak to rule but too alive to pass the torch. It would be like having 2 x bandage. I don’t know if we have reached that point yet but I am hearing the calls for me to step out of the shadows and govern.