Poster s with degree s

Just out of interest

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I say the nearly all the of tfk

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I think @balbec is a registered bookkeeper

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You have one

I don’t think a fas course qualifies.

I’ve a safe pass


It’s something bud


It is Joe, it is.

Engineering degree any use Joe?

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I think @flattythehurdler has a cert from Manchester poly

Gmit you cunt.
Humberside polytechnic for @artfoley
He got a degree in bag carrying / snatching

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@Joe_Player anyone who claims to have a degree should send them to @Mac for verification.


I believe jeeves got a first from Oxbridge on this course

I don’t employ any old riff raff

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Jaysus Flatty I’ve lost a bit of respect for you now

Had you borrowed some?

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