Power Balance

I think it’s a smashing product. My flexibility has increased massively since I started wearing it and I’ve noticed an improvement in my balance and even concentration also. Plenty of people are railing against it and claiming it as an absolute scam but I’ve got nothing other than positives to say about it. I think that I’ll give up yoga now as Power Balance seems to be providing everything and more than I got from that. Any other testimonials or experience with Power Balance?

Whats this thing Bando?,sounds like a corset type back strap or the like?


Yes, something like that. Here’s Kelly Brook endorsing it:


Oh my god thats very bad.I googled this Power Balance thing after,my initial impression on it is that a fucking wristband isnt going to make any difference to your balance,flexiness or conentration,but then again i could be wrong,i could be wrong.

Woman are really shit at humour.

The extra flexibility when you’re twisting, leaping, trying to change direction quickly and wanking is unparalleled.

Are these the little wristbands Bandage? I believe a number of All Ireland winners sported these things in the football final this year Bandage. Rumoured to have been the difference between winning and losing.

OUR Ryder Cup winning team also wore them; they’re the difference all right.

Would you advise going to the effort to buy one of these Bandage?

CNBC Sport Product of the Year http://bit.ly/e1HWIA