Premier League 2017/18


A fella like you should pay for his premium tv and not have to bother with these tuppence hapenny solutions.


City will walk the league this year.


If you can switch to SD do so. That might solve the problem. It happens the odd time to me as well while watching HD.


You’ve a lovely way of putting things


What islands make up the British Isles?


Duffy :joy:


Goal conceded?


No, tried his best with a shambles of a back pass that Aguero skied over.
Edit. Duffy almost scores.


Try to be more informative in future in your posting.


Pep thinks he’s smarter than he is


OK mate. Duffy just threw his head at a shot and saved a potential goal.


Better :+1:


The British Isles?


Man City go 1 up


Ireland, Britain and all the small islands around them


Where the fuck is the British Isles?


Ireland is not part of the British Isles … A small section of it has been colonized by Britain alright, but the Island as a whole is not part of Britain. Perhaps you mean the Atlantic Isles?


an archipelago in western Europe



The north Atlantic archapelego