Premier League 2017/18


I don’t give a fuck about our government.

And why do they priduce educational material with the British Isles described in geography texts?


I am Mr. Challenger.

I challenge anything i don’t think makes sense.

You re a very strange insecure person btw


Alonso is a serious player


read up on the issue, then get back to me, apologise for being wrong if needs be

treat this little exchange as a learning experience and not a confrontation


Chelsea down to 9. I still think Burnley will get relegated


it really is the greatest league in the world


I have learned that you worry about the wrong shit fella


Fabregas is undoubtedly the biggest cunt in the game.


2-3 at the Bridge now. Morata instead of Batshuayi has made a big difference


Morata is a fine player too

Jesus John Walters is a nusance


Morata’s header for David Luizs goal was top class.


David Luiz is a close second


Spot on.

He has everything


Robbie Brady MOTM surely


I’m watching the EPL on IPTV and the commentary is behind the picture. Better than vice versa but quite irksome all the same.

cc @Rocko.


Are you watching on HD or SD?


Willian another great battler. Been excellent all 2nd half

The lads Chelsea should hold onto obvious here.

Always a 1st day result like this. Great game


HD, mate.


beaten by a bunch of fucking coalmen from Burnley, the manager needs to go


Free money :pint: