Premier League 2017/18


Sterling again :man_facepalming:


I always get a feeling the cunt feels a certain satisfaction when these results happen as his legacy is further enhanced .


It took you that long to type that?


Man Utd centre halves can’t deal with the false nine


If Sterling could kick the ball he’d be a great player


City have missed three gilt edged chances to go three up.


Pogba’s been hilarious. Clearly not bothered


Martin Tyler’s commentary for Kompany’s goal was wonderfully serendipitous.

The camera flashed to Kompany jostling in the box, Tyler mentioned the goal Kompany scored in this fixture in 2012, and three seconds later Kompany scored an almost exact photocopy of that goal.

I’m quite scared by the way Manchester City are playing but I’m trying to reassure myself that they’re only playing against a team whose manager doesn’t know how to organise a defence properly.


sew it into the cunts

that sterling is some donkey, is aguero injured?


Man U should have just done the guard of honour before the game rather than during it.


True. Liverpool are well forewarned. But Liverpool dont have 2 frauds in Matic and Pogba in midfield. Plus they may actually apply pressure further up the field. Lukaku and Sanchez are pretending to care about tackling.


Fourth consecutive win for Sean Dyche’s Burnley. They’re just two points off the Top 6 now.

Dreadful result for the Swans, dropping two points at rock bottom West Brom, who had lost their last 8 league games.


Really inconsistent


Class team goal there, Utd look much better this half.


Kompany at his defensive best for the first goal :smile:


Pogba again, silencing the critics :clap: 2-2


You should be feeling a good bit better now.



Neville has been absolutely scathing of Pogba so far today. This is funny.


Up your collective bollox haters


The never say die, warrior spirit you always associate with Mourinho teams.