Premier League 2017/18


Beware of the Pog


Good audition by Pogba so far in the second half


Let’s hear from Thierry Henry OF FRANCE about Paul Pogba OF FRANCE

Fuck off Martin you knob


I’m delighted for you and all Manchester United supporters, mate, and tremendously enjoying this even though I missed the first 12 minutes of the second half.


Pogba trying to play his way into a summer move across town


Martin Tyler is some wanker


david Silva is a delightful footballer to watch
looks like a sound enough bloke too


A complete gobshite


knee in the stones there to Silva


Manchester City’s defence is a shambles!


Smalling!!! Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaawwwww


You couldn’t write the script better… Pogba and Smalling :joy:


Defending on that goal :grinning:


Three Sanchez assists. He’ll be brilliant for them next season with the break over the summer


No way Kompany or Otamendi start Tuesday night.

Otamendi was a like a shot putter who found himself on the blocks of an Olympic 100 metres final and didn’t even hear the gun as that free kick came in.

Whatever happens here, Manchester United have done Liverpool a big favour. Manchester City have been dragged into a war and will have to go to war to win this. Fail to win it and they go into Tuesday on a serious downer.


Here comes Aguero.


I don’t know why you’re worrying mate, as long as Salah is fit there isn’t a hope Man City will come back


Gundogan was MIA for that first goal.


Sane should get a black card for that tackle.


great bit of needle to this now