Premier League 2017/18


As sure as night follows day


Dream on you fucking clown :laughing:

You should be concentrating on your relegation 6 pointer instead of worrying about matters at the top of the table.


Only one side playing currently is concerned with top of table mate.


A Liverpool plant to sell big Virge.


Flaking player


We don’t want him.


The only plausible explanation


Tottenham were a Tom, Vic and Harry side last season.


I know it’s a dead rubber but Spurs have been good in the second half, entertaining game between two good football teams


City have led at half time in last two games and lost both. Spuds should be taking advantage here


Sterling :see_no_evil:


Lloris all over the shop again. Sterling wanted all night to hit it, time to think always was his weakness.


Sterling should be publicly flogged.



Proves my point, snapshot.


Lloris should be publicly flogged.


I’d settle for just selling him this summer.


Sterling should be given the freedom of Manchester.


World class from KDB to set up Raheem a minute ago, what a player


Thierry Henry is getting money for jam here.


We’re gonna win the league.