Premier League 2017/18


Spurs are getting a pillaging, they’re not worthy of Wembley.


Jesus should have scored that


That was outside the box, but they deserved the peno just for Lloris being a fucking liability again.


Thuggish from Davies, should have been a red.


Spurs falling apart here I’m afraid


You can sense an end of season Spurs bottle job happening now.

cc @Special_Olympiakos


Why are Spurs 7 points above Chelsea mate? You’ve gone very quiet lately about that :laughing:


The season is not over yet. Spurs annual end of season collapse is going to take root now.


Why are Spurs above Chelsea? You haven’t answered that mate, you’ve been awfully quiet lately.


Standings only matter at the season end.


It’s pains me to say it but sane is beautiful to watch. What a footballer.


That’s not what you were saying before Chelsea went on their losing run.

We’ll come back at the end of the season to you, but you will probably be supporting Man City or Liverpool by then.


This ref is too fat to keep up with play.


Spurs will probably still be trophyless then too.


Harry Kane pulls one back.


Only a bandwagon jumping simpleton like you would be concerned with that.

Eriksen pulls it back to 1-2, game on here.


Game on? :grinning: it was game over after ten mins. Deluded spuds


Ah lovely, with your history of predictions it is very much game on.


Pep Guardiola making a valiant bid to avoid a fourth successive defeat and thus avoid the sack.

Can he do it?


You laughed at me when I said the yids would choke at our new place 12 months ago. Every other Tom dick and harry side was beating us there last season but the yids did what they always do- bottle it against the irons.