Premier League 2017/18


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‘Arry is now saving his best stuff for Russia, where he will lead England to a glorious quarter final exit against the Germans.


Being credited with that goal was a Pyrrhic victory for Harry.


After missing a pelanty


Time will tell but it’s an appropriate use of the word, well done on being able to speak and understand English,


Soccer is contracting all the time. A lot of domestic leagues have now evolved to one team monopolies. In Germany, Dortmund the second biggest team and once sworn enemies of the biggest club Bayern Munich are now a feeder club for the recently crowned 6 in a row champions as evidenced by transfers of Hummels, Gotze and Lewandowski in recent years.

Soon to be 7 in a row champions in Italy, Juventus signed Higuain, the best player from their closest challengers in recent years, Napoli.

PSG respond to Monaco breaking their run of 4 in a row last season by going out and signing possibly Monaco’s most sought after player Mpabbe. Predictably normal service has resumed this season with PSG running away with it.

Antoine Griezmann apparently off to Barcelona from Atletico next season.

That’s the soccer model the world over now. Spurs couldn’t match the £130 Grand a week that Man City were offering last summer for Kyle Walker, so no option but to sell. Spurs were reportedly prepared to break the bank and give Toby Alderweireld 130 Grand a week. He seemingly feels it’s an insult to what he’s worth so he’s sitting out the rest of the season before departing this summer. Elite super franchises like the Manchesters, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona or Russian state backed Chelsea don’t have to worry about balancing the books, Spurs and practically all other clubs do.


Football is fucked.


Spurs are investing £1bn in a stadium and you’re cribbing about money.


We’re gonna win the league


I’m not cribbing about money. Just setting out the realities of modern day soccer. @Juhniallio is the one who seems particularly upset by Spurs selling Kyle Walker.


The realities of modern football is Spurs undertook a decision to invest £1bn in a vanity project so money is not an issue for them.


Puts into perspective the great job Klopp has done at Liverpool with a negative net spend.


Cat got your tongue, @GeoffreyBoycott?


Some fellas dont understand the difference between CAPEX in an appreciating asset in London and breaking the bank for players and making yourself hostage to agents the world over. Thats the way its gone I suppose


Some people lack even basic intelligence and end up moving pallets and stealing from their employers


It’s a very one dimensional view alright. A bit like the view from the cab of a forklift


Spurs spent £42m on Davidson Sanchez.




You guys seem to have an inferiority complex with forklift drivers. Do ye strap the pallets for a living?


The world over or just amongst the elite leagues?