Premier League 2017/18


The realities of modern soccer is if Spurs are going to make the next step up and win these big trophies (you’re forever cribbing about them not winning) they have to be able to attract top tier players and hold onto the best talent that they have, something they haven’t been able to do unlike the Manchesters and Chelsea. The new stadium is projected to deliver additional revenue of £28 million a year. The old White Hart Lane has been reduced to a capacity of under 34,000, not sustainable in modern day soccer.

Chelsea the club you purport to follow, but appear to have abandoned following a run of bad results will shortly embark on their own stadium re-construction which is projected to cost over £1 billion. Strange that you haven’t been on labelling that as a vanity project. You’re a walking contradiction.


You support one of the richest clubs in the world stop moaning about money


I haven’t contradicted myself. All I have done is drawn focus to your contradiction of talking the poor mouth while Spurs engage in a £1bn vanity project. Money is no issue for them.


It’s incredible that somebody would be so stupid as to call it a vanity project, almost unbelievable until you see who it was




Straight yes or no answer, do you view the £1 billion new stadium for your team Chelsea, a vanity project?




Yes and no I’d say Geoff.
No for the moment.
Yes at the end of the season when Conte gets the bullet and @Cicero_Dandi will follow Italian tradition and change sides


Many football fans want all their clubs money spent on players and not investing in the future. Culture of short termism.


How have Arsenal got on with that?


Lovely goal by the Arsenal there


Lovely goal by Newcastle now. Shelvey is England’s best passer by a country mile


I wouldn’t write them off just yet. Realistically though they’ll need to be beating Leicester away next Thursday. However Leicester look like they’ve checked out for the season.

Huddersfield are on 35 points to Southampton’s 28, but they have only four games left and three of them are against Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. Everton at home next week looks their best chance of getting more points. It’s not inconceivable they could finish on 35.

Swansea have tied up a bit too after Carlos Carvalhal had an excellent run when he took over and their next two fixtures are against Manchester City and Chelsea so they’ll be doing well to get anything there.

Swansea v Southampton in the final midweek could still be a massive game. Swansea play Stoke too on the final day.


Bizarre persecution complex on display here Geoff. You OK?


You’d expect Swansea to pick up 3 points before the season end which would put them on 36.

You’d expect Palace and West Ham to also hit the 35 point mark. So you’re realistically looking at Southampton to pick up a minimum of 7 points from 5 games remaining, they have an FA Cup semi with Chelsea tied in the middle of that.

Their fixture run in is not easy, they have a local derby with Bournemouth, a City team chasing records, Swansea in a relegation dogfight and games against Leicester and Everton which will also be tough.

It’s hard to see them putting the run together needed.


Another nice goal for Newcastle 2-1


A ‘nice’ goal?
A defensive fuck up more like


Lovely from a Newcastle perspective. Nice header, great flick by Perez and a nice finish


Says a lot about the EPL when an abject Everton are likely to finish comfortably in the top half of the table.

A lot of utter dross in the league currently.


Was it a Harry Kane flick??