Premier League 2017/18


Elneny very poor for Arsenal. Holding and Oxlade-Chamberlain not much better. Chamberlain looks fat.

Leicester looking sharp, Vardy in particular.


Be another two goals in this easily mate.

Good shout.


Cross in from Albrighton, although under zero pressure was class.


Yeah, right on the money.


Was beautiful.


United should never have sold Danny Welbeck.


Holding and Elneny wouldn’t look out of place in League 1. Arsenal will be good if they get all their unavailable players available


That’s some tan on gary Neville


Second half is setup nicely.


There appears to be a Fawlty Towers-esque misunderstanding between them as to who is supposed to be the holding midfielder. I think Elneny thinks it’s Holding but Holding thinks it’s Elneny. It’s causing a lot of confusion in the Arsenal ranks.


These Friday night games will be a #gamechanger


Surprised they didn’t do it years ago, . Games on 4 days of the week… and when Champions league kicks in its 6 days a week… It’s not like people will get sick of it or as anything.


Its always nice to have it back on pal after the summer.


It’s been on all summer


Turn it off then…if you dont like it.


Football, football, football, there can never be too much football.

Watch the football, it’s gonna move.


Just continue to do what Sky tell you like the little sheep you are


Welbeck has been shite bar the goal


Do Arsenal ever practice defending set pieces in training I wonder?


Its not my fault your dodgy box is buffering like a cunt.

This is a fine game of football to watch, 3-2 Leicester.