Premier League 2017/18


How will you find time to watch the odd hurling match?


There aren’t many stick hurling games mate

Only 4 counties play thanks to the fuck up that is the gdoublea


Fair point,

The GAA have done nothing for hurling outside of the traditonal few counties.

Its a shame really.


Ozil is stealing a living.


Giroud is some player.

Unreal header.


Gunners take the lead, unbelievable header from GRU


Xhaka has a lovely left foot. Great ball in the build up to Ramsey’s goal


I believe the Woolwich equaliser for 3-3 should have been disallowed for an Ozil handball. New season but some things never change.


cc @briantinnion @Monkey_Allen


Start up another thread for old times sakes @briantinnion

We know no better & plus @GeoffreyBoycott would miss contributing to it greatly.


Shaping up to be a more conventional season for Spurs. No new players and with Trippier injured we don’t even have a recognised right back to start the season on Sunday. Practically the whole team seems to want to leave to double or triple their wages. We’ll finish outside of the Top 6, there’ll be plenty of blood letting and Pochettino will be gone by the end of the season.


Whinge Whinge…


Not at all. I’m bored with all this consistency, attritional football and a season long forlorn chase of champions elect in second.


I can only stomach watching one, maybe two, football game a week mate…


Great to see Kelly Cates back on the TV, and James Richardsons new podcast for that matter.

Granted that post match stuff was a bit odd.


Carragher is an awful pain in the hole on Co Commentary.


Couldnt understand a word he said.


I’ve the full kit on there ahead of the big kick off . This is the day we’ve all been waiting for.


OMG SNAP! I’ve even got the shinguards on


I bought a couple of cans of Stella yesterday. All set for the off