Premier League 2018/19


2-1 to city 54 mins


Aguero hat trick 61 gone


Switching over to the XXX? :smile:


Manchester City will get the win here but they’ve at least got a half decent test from Arsenal.

I fancy Everton will be a difficult one for them on Wednesday night, however, regardless of Everton’s terrible form. Mid table teams are often much more dangerous coming off the back of bad results than off good ones - something that also applies to West Ham tomorrow.


Finishes 3-1 @chocolatemice


Perfect hat trick for Aguero tonight, 1 with the head, 1 foot and 1 hand.


You do know who his father in law is .


Made up for the blatant pelanty he should have had


City got more than their fair share of decisions tonight, giving a Pelanty for the blatant dive would’ve been too obvious


Was (I think)


They will beat Everton by 4 Sid


They could, but Everton will be desperate for some sort of a decent result. Players tend to have professional pride, especially after getting a kicking. Manchester City have had a lot of difficult weekend-midweek turnarounds lately and even with the size of their petrodollar-fuelled squad it can become a real grind.

Leicester, for instance, had lost three games in a row, and four from five, before they went to Anfield.


All Pemier league squads are the same size


That doesn’t take into account Manchester City’s spending splurge which has enabled them to put in place a squad where 20 or 21 players can all be rotated with little or no loss in strength - or at least that’s the aim.

Liverpool and Tottenham simply can’t do that because they aren’t part of the elite coterie of vastly wealthy super-franchises.


The cost of City’s bench would be some amount. Mahrez, Stones, Danilo, Sane and Delph.


Both liverpool and tottenham have international standard players on the bench every week.

So you agree all squads are the same size, not as you’re earler statement suggested City have an advantage due to their squad size, which is a quite frankly, ridiculous statement


Nice ommission of academy graduates muric and foden.


I’d say Pep has those lads in mind for the tight games :grinning:


Muric is the only fit sub goalie and foden is the best young English midfielder in a generation.


Whereabouts in Manchester is Muric from?