Premier League 2018/19


He isnt. Foden is from Stockport. Whats your point?


City will walk this


Squad strength effectively equals squad size.

Saying that Liverpool have as big a squad as Manchester City is like saying that Dublin and Mayo were playing with equal hands in terms of their respective squads in the 2016 and 2017 All-Ireland finals because they could both call on only 21 players. Technically that would be true, but Mayo had only 16 players who were fully trusted by the manager, another one or two who were seen as possibly being capable of doing a job when necessary, with the rest seen by the manager to be not up to the task - whereas Dublin had around 25, each of those nine or ten trusted players who didn’t make the starting 15 ready to come in at any time.

Manchester City have a lot more squad players who are trusted by the manager to come in and do a job than Liverpool or Tottenham have. That’s pretty unsurprising given the vast amount of petrodollars backing the franchise.


It doesn’t


I think Manchester city will have the league won before the last day of season .



Everton Fans tonight



Silvas job is on the line. Neverton are a proud club . There’ll be nothing handy


If he wants to keep it he’ll make sure Everton will lose :crazy_face:


What channel is city everton on?


Not on UK television






NBCSN I think


The team he’s stuck out. Richarlson and Sigurdsson on the bench. Tom Davies as captain. He’s no interest in winning this match. The Everton way



Bein sports as well


City to win 4 or 5 nil.

Everton are atrocious.


You sorted for a stream?


doubt i’ll be tuning in, mate. will test in a while