Premier League 2018/19


4 now on 24 Gundogan. This could get real bad for Sarri.


4 in 24, cc @myboyblue


That’s some whooping in 25 minutes


City -4 8/11



Sounds like some rout. Where’s that Chelsea want to win everything (including pre-season friendlies) spirit that @Cicero_Dandi was telling us about only a fortnight ago?


4-0??? :rofl:

Chelsea’s mercenaries are some gang for downing tools … Did it to Mourinho - Conte and now for Sarri.


They want to win every trophy. They’re far more likely to win more silverware than Spuds this season, Spuds only play when the pressure is off.


The only thing these lads will respond to is their pocket. Fine them all a weeks’ wages.


You and others have been banging on relentlessly about the finances of the game so given the current state of affairs at your beloved stamford bridge I’d say you’re very worried about not qualifying for the champions league next year and what that entails. Pressure mounting in the race for 4th mate, you can deflect all you want but true fans like yourself are surely feeling it now.


This Sarri character is some fucking bluffer :smile:


It’s great to see Chelsea humiliated tho.


I want 10


It would be a great day altogether if Chelsea began to lower the blade here and ended a few Man City players careers.


That would put quite an asterisk beside your forthcoming league title win


Who’d really give a fuck … The City squad is so good - they could loose 3 and it wouldnt make a difference anyway


I merely respond to some of the misinformation being bandied about by the KOKs and Spurs, FFP means that all the big clubs have to operate under the same parameters, none of the EPL clubs have a significant advantage financially despite the poor mouthing of some people on here.




that too.


Chelsea are actually playing well here imo. They lack concentration at the back.


Thought El Plastico would have been closer. Since Putin tightened the purse strings Chelsea are reverting to a nothing club. Finishing outside the top 4 will speed the process up.