Premier League 2018/19




Over to you, Liverpool


Jan 20, 2019 - Liverpool moved seven points clear at the top of the Premier League

Feb 6 2019 - Man City are top of the league

Football, eh.


I predict man city will have league won in April .


Think this was around the time when @tazdedub got uncontrollably giddy on the KOK thread and I politely reminded him that trophies aren’t handed out in the middle of the season.


They were 8 points behind United with 5 games left under Bobby Manc. City find a way


Its early days of course. but its great to see that City are still fighting for this title, you can tell them that.


It was actually 19 January 2019 that Liverpool moved 7 points clear of Manchester City. Since 19 January 2019, Manchester City have played 4 times and Liverpool just twice.

Liverpool moved 12 points clear of Spurs on 19 January 2019. Spurs have made up 7 points on Liverpool in just 3 matches since, one match less than Manchester City.

Football, eh.


Business is business…


No sorry, not even you or the other lad can ruin this.


The clubs are Celtic cousins so I am sure this can be amicably resolved .


Congrats City… A limited Liverpool squad gave it a decent rattle.



He looks like @chocolatemice


Ah well, it was a bit of craic while it lasted. City will stroll home from here


It’s uncanny


Good win for Sean Dyche’s in form Burnley down at the Goldstone Ground. Unbeaten in their last seven league matches.


They’ve really turned a corner. Will finish midtable and would expect them to be much further up table next season. He’s doing a great job there again


Just 3 points above the drop zone and some very tough fixtures towards the end of the season. I’d expect them to go down.


City 3 nil up inside 18 minutes against Chelsea. Aguero with his second. Could be 5 already.