Premier League 2018/19


Chelsea have a squad too lazy to even try to break a leg


There’s no stopping the greatest and most expensive squad ever assembled… City will do the quadruple now.



Let me taste your tears Hackie


Hackie is bricking it



Top of the league old friend

The quad is still on


Ominous signs for all of Europe today. Simply untouchable.


It’s done — You cant keep a squad of that magnitude down for long. They crushed the hearts of Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs with that performance today.


Liverpool will be given every chance


Absolutely, and you can’t rule out the importance of those fans lepping around outside anfield.


City’s next league game is the 27th I think … Liverpool play Utd on the 24th and a very good chance they will lose it… That goal difference could be enough for City.


City have about 3 or 4 games in between.


They do - 3 I think. One v Notts Forrest tho.

It will go to the end I think but City’s squad is huge bonus. Went to Everton last week and could make a load of changes and still win easy… Tho I think the CL is a big focus for City this year so will be interesting to see how they go in between.


If liverpool go out of Europe this round they will be big favourites for the league.

All depends on injuries for City. If Laporte, Fernandinho, De Bruyne and Aguero avoid injury they could win 3 out of the 4



Fernandinho and Aguero … they could manage without the others… they would probably even do without Aguero in most games… But Fernandinho is a huge player for them. The glue that holds it all together.


They lose when he is out.



It’s a pity Liverpool/City didnt have to meet again —

Just looking there … Man City v Spurs 4th last game of the league… if Spuds are still in the mix, it could be a huge fixture.


City have United and Spurs left to play in top 4. Whats pools run in like?