Premier League 2018/19


My buddy @Horsebox has signed in and will sort you cunts out now.


I lol’d at this, mate.


88 points wouldn’t be enough


Ah ffs… I thought you had serious ammo.

Bar the first post, which is a perfectly acceptable comment to make, you’ve gone and turned off your sarcasm detector… Did you ignore the post where I said it will go right to the end?


You took my post very very seriously,

go back and read it again,


Take that sick shit to PM’s please.


I’d take Mandzukic ahead of them all in a final.


Decent game at Molineux @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac Wolves started the brighter but Newcastle the better team towards the end of the half. Ayoze Perez is in great form at the moment after a few indifferent seasons. Yedlin has been horrendous


Caught the last 20 minutes of first half. Rondon looks a real handful.


Missed an absolute sitter there but Doherty looks really good




The Wolves goalie let that in.


He did. A better player would have hit it where he was expecting it to go but Hayden just blasted it at the near post


Reminds me of some huns on Follow Follow raging at Hartson (I think) and saying it was not a great finish as he only put the ball where the keeper couldn’t get it.


Lads did Doherty just have a shot on target? Guardian min by min is not explicit enough for my degeneracy


Don’t think so. He had one blocked a few minutes ago but think it was going wide

#2682 says no


Bollox. Ta


Fuck sake


Why was there an extra 40 seconds added on?