Premier League 2018/19


I’ll leave it. You’ll hardly last till May on the forum without crying off again anyway so I don’t think its a very fair bet




scuttery arse


You wanted me to do a bet on something that I never said wouldn’t happen


Who’ll be the first poster to have a total meltdown if it stays a two (or even 3) horse race all the way to the end?


@backinatracksuit has already had one.



When did I say Aguero wouldn’t score goals in this year’s CL knockouts?


you said he has a poor record in champions league knockout and doesn’t perform in big games.

Put your e-money where your e-mouth is


I said he doesn’t perform in big games in the Champions League. Schalke is not a big game


you didn’t you said he has a poor record in champions league knockout games. This is a champions league knockout game.


He does have a poor record in CL knockout games. Past is not equal to future. He will probably get a couple of goals against Schalke


I’m giving you very favourable terms here fella.

Even if he bags a couple in the Schalke tie. Still has to get 3 from a maximum 5 remaining matches.

That’s a good bit above his .41 ratio in knockout stage games. For a fella who doesn’t have a good record in knockout games and who doesn’t perform in big games, that is surely a banker.


He could get 5 against Schalke and he still wouldn’t have done it in a big CL knockout game which was my point. Wait till we see the quarter final line up and I’ll get back to you


ok, revised terms. ignoring the schalke match.

He needs to get 3 from the Quarter Final on. He will still need to play in a minimum of four games from the start for the bet to kick into effect.


Deal. This is favourable to you as they could get another shit team in the quarters but I’m getting bored of it


You’re a spoofer


You’re a nobody


A Hypocritster? Ah fuck that.


Any of those duffers win a World Cup Golden Boot?