Premier League 2018/19


How twee


Stop, don’t ruin it for him.


He goes again


How juvenile


We :smile:


Palace should have won that game. Man Utd are a balls and Mourinho must go.

This post will get no replies because it’s just correct.


Burnley Newcastle kick off postponed for half an hour. The referees assessor collapsed in the tunnel.


probably at the prospect of having to watch that shit for 90 minutes.

*hope the person is ok


Miss of the season contender there


Unreal. It was like Clare v Galway all over again.


Newcastle are asking to be mugged off here.




Comparing it to the Ronny Rosenthal miss now :rofl:


Robbie Brady is done.


Give him a few months but he was harmless the bit I saw tonight & last week with Eire


Great performance tonight. Ki is some player


Your man Traore here for Wolves must be the most brainless winger since Tony Daley.


There is a blast from the past .


Wolves sinking like a stone. They’ll be relegated by Easter.



How is Matt Doherty doing ?