Premier League 2018/19


Too many sunshine boys for an EPL dogfight .


Scored a tap in on a losing side.


Warnock mugged off the hipster cunt .


Good and proper.


Happy 70th birthday to Neil Warnock.

Give me a good solid old school English manager like Warnock over these hipster continentals any day.


Was Howard Wilkinson the last English man to win a top flight English championship?


No idea. Why don’t you go off and research it yourself.


Think he is, yeah.


That was a spiky response.


The gentleman English personality isn’t really suited to football management . A crank dour Scottish personality fits the bill more .


Leeds, I can never remember if that was the first season of the premier League or last of the first division


Neil Warnock ain’t a gentleman.


First, I think.


Neil Warnock is a decent man . One of the game’s good guys .


So an English man has never won the premier League as a manager. That’s bad


He’s tough as anything. As dour as a Scotsman, they’re different in Yorkshire


I mean the first Premier League. Could be wrong of course.


Leeds won the last old First Division title in 1992.

Then Sky invented football in August 1992.


Real edgy posting. You’ll be bad mouthing Joe Mercer next.


Absolutely. A good guy, honest as the day is long.

4-4-fucking 2