Premier League 2018/19


Any day you come from 2-0 down away from home at an historical bogey ground to earn a point is a point gained. Even Sir Alex got a few right maulings at the Dell over the years.


If Newcastle are playing and I’m at nothing else, yes


Howard Webb retiring has destroyed United


They badly miss the six points from Steve Bruce’s teams.


The managers since Ferguson just can’t seem to scare the refs in the same way


The manager has to be under pressure now, another 2 points dropped against a very poor team, Mark Hughes can’t have too long left at this rate.


That’s a cracker mate. I gave it a like.


Bright start from Arsenal but all these chances going a begging could very well come back to bite.

Arsenal 1 - Filth 0 ( 21mins )


Oh Leno :man_shrugging:


Filth 2 - Good Guys 1 ( 37 mins )

Pen for Kane


North London Derby Result.

Good Guys 4 :ronnyroar:- Filth 2


Jesus but there is some shower of scumbags following soccer these days. I’m inside in a oirish bar here in Spain and had to leave with the carry on


The scum of the earth.


Spurs supporters, you’re lucky to be in one piece.


2 sets of muppets I’m sorry to report. Grown men carrying on like that. Ffs


The English can never behave themselves out foreign unfortunately


I’m talking about the oirish here.


At least if they’re English they can have some excuse, lads who never left Ireland getting all excited about these ‘derbies’ and childishly insulting the opposition are just laughable sorts


Football is a global sport.


Christ all Liverpool lads co commentating on the derby…

Should have been a couple of goals already