Premier League 2018/19


Utd have some amount of hams playing for them after spending 200m… felliani, herrera, young, jones, lukaku. Unreal


Herrera second touch is a tackle, brutal






Has Fellaini not been one of their top signings in the post Sir Alex era? They very odd time I’d watch Man U, he invariably comes up with a clutch match defining contribution.


I like Herrera. He’s a total yard dog. Plenty of needle there


He has no range of passing, terrible first touch but runs around a lot and tackles a bit. This is meant to be Man Utd.




What does that mean?


Sure Roy Keane was the same and he’s a United legend.


Spurs are owned by a lad who resides in the Bahamas.


Marcus rashford with two assists. Somebody on here told me he was useless.


They’ll be lucky to finish above spurs mate


Has Raspford scored yet?


Joe Lewis is a Londoner.


Joe Lewis resides in the Bahamas.


It alludes to the fact they were the dominant team in England in the 90s and 00s and they are now a shambles. I’m sure you are aware of that.


You don’t appear to believe in the cyclical nature of sport. Did you expect Man U to dominate for ever? They finished 2nd last season, won the League Cup and UEFA Cup the season before that and the FA Cup the season before that.


You are projecting beliefs on to me I don’t hold. I expect them to have assembled a better squad and a better calibre of player, along with a coherent footballing style that they do not have.


A plucky draw from Man United. A José Mourinho team never lacks resilience .