Premier League 2018/19


His arms are too short


That’s the inbreeding in Sunderland


Champions find a way.


Ffs…the ball was gone over too I’d say…

Fucking gobshite


Sir Kenny delighted there


Honfuckingrale… :pint:


When Liverpool Football Club win the league this season this will be viewed as a massive turning point


Ah lovely the Scousers think they have a chance again this year! :grin:


Struggling to eventually beat a team 11 points behind pre kick off, at home, is a “turning point”?


Drew that one last year. Points on board. Don’t matter a fuck otherwise.


Would have been locked up this time last year if ud said this time next yeat Liverpool would be shit up front and the defence would have them second in the league.


Oh aye.
It was 0-0 until the last minute, scoring a goal gives Liverpool 3 points instead of 1.


Big Jurg apologizing for running at the pitch after the goal
Very gracious of the big man


Won’t stop him from getting a ban.


Check out @OptaJoe’s Tweet:


Oh karma, you’re a nasty bitch

Cc @Faldo


Good ol Prickford making a show of himself again


Was that the England no 1 in goal for Everton?



Some Spurs fan threw a banana at Aubemayang. Disgusting.


Some Limerick lad threw a banana at Gael Clichy when city played at thomond park. There’s no accounting for fucking morons