Premier League 2018/19




In fairness to him he’s won a lot off points for Everton this season.crazy decision to so what he did today tho the cunt


Horrible racism that is all too common with Spurs fans.




And what exactly were you expecting?


Top class company and conversation.


In an Irish bar in Spain?


You can take the Mick out of Ireland …


BTW Arsenal 5/2 on PP to finish top 3, strikes me as good value.


Man Utd v Arsenal, 8pm tonight.

Arsenal haven’t won this fixture since 2006. If Man Utd lose by 2 or more I predict the board will move to replace Mourinho.


This is the first time since 1986 that this fixture will take place without Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger being involved.


Great to see Arsenal back into the top 4.

When was the last time both sides met and were both outside the top 4?



It’s only a couple of seasons since both finished out of the top 4


If Woolwich play like they did on Sunday, they’ll win. Be interesting to see though if they can replicate that level of intensity and performance in a second big match in three days.


Did you see the game Sunday?


No. Saw the highlights on Match of the Day on Sunday night.


Match of the Day is on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.Not Sunday night.


I’m not a big soccer watcher. Wouldn’t have your breadth of knowledge on soccer television programmes. It was some sort of Match of the Day type production on the National Broadcaster on Sunday night.