Premier League 2018/19


Odd that you feel equipped to give detail commentary on it so.


That programme is called Match of the Day 2 mate,

You must feel awfully stupid now after calling it match of the day. :hushed:


I’m suitably chastened. You’d want your wits about you to keep up with the lads that spend 7 and 8 hours watching live soccer on the television every Saturday and Sunday.


Who is leading this? I’d suggest @GeoffreyBoycott


I expected a man like you to be able to respect an institution like MOTD


MOTD2 on Sunday night shows all the weekend goals.


It was possibly the iconic Match of the Day theme music that made me think I was watching Match of the Day on Sunday night. How wrong could I have been.


Let’s not speak of this dark episode again.


You won’t make that mistake again, you were oooooofted out of it,
Match of the Day on Sunday night :rofl:


That mad kunt Klopp has made seven changes for tonight


It’s OK mate, they’re only playing Paul Van Dyche’s Sinking Burnley.


He’s kept the important lads at least. The fellas in midfield are pretty interchangeable at this stage.
I predict D Stud will run riot tonight


They can’t keep losing mate.


It’s different shark Ted


Coach Mourinho looking for the Christmas off I’d say.


De Gea :smile:




Fuck off arsenal.


Another uncharacteristic mistake?


Bit of bite in this one.